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With a complex appearance, Martin is slightly simpler than the cascade with 5 balls. It is a multiplex trick because the hands hold more than one ball at a time; it's its principal difficulty (to catch and to hold 2 balls at the same time without impact)

I recommend to practise or begin the cascade with 5 balls before to try Martin.

Stage 1    Stage 2

Stage 1 : first of all let us try to understand the trick

The siteswap of Martin is  [62]25 , the brackets indicate that it is a multiplex trick:
   -  [62]: the hand holds 2 balls, one ball is launched parallel (6) the other is held in hand (2)
   - 2: this ball is not launched
   - 5: the ball is launched cross

The rate of the throws is "Right Right then Left Left then Right Right....and so on....."

The types of throws are " Parallel Cross Parallel Cross Parallel Cross....and so on..."

Stage 2 : let us test the trick

To note!
Some comments

Parallel / Cross
(right hand)

Parallel / Cross
(left hand)

and so on...

By colouring the balls differently, we can notice that the blue balls are always launched prallel whereas the reds are launched crossed. 

Foot-note: the red balls carry out a slow cascade (siteswap: 225), blue balls, a fountain (siteswap: 600). The meeting gives [ 62][02][05 ] or [ 62]25


The blue ball is caught up with just 3 fingers (thumb + index + major)

One of difficulties of this trick is to catch 2 balls in one hand; for the beginning it is necessary to test with small balls (it's easier)

In the same way, the blue ball is launched end of the fingers.
During the throw of the blue ball, the red ball is firmly maintained with the annular and the little finger.

Good work!

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