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 Interesting links
 Friend juggler, you will find here a list of sites devoted to juggling, this list is certainly not complete then don't hesitate to propose me others of them.

Access to the web sites

The site Gate of Juggling in France. It contains a " forum ", all next French conventions, a topic "To learn" and many other things... to consult regularly !
Juggling Information service
The site of the world association of juggling, you will find texts there on juggling, of the photographs, the software, of the saver of screen, the list of the future and last festivals. (Impossible to circumvent)
European Juggling Association

The site of the European association of juggling. The list of all European conventions. The magazine of juggling " KASKADE ".

Web site of a young company of juggling.
Thierry and his 2 twin wheels

Figures of twin wheel presented by Thierry (some of its invention). From the beginner to the expert. With animations.
Webring juggling 
The following site
The 5 following
site randomly
The complete list
My site belongs to the Web ring devoted to the circus and juggling. You can reach the following sites or the complete list (approximately 200). 

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