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Advanced illusions

Fake Mess
The juggler is often compared to an illusionnist who makes anything fly in front of the witnesses' amazed eyes. The tricks which I present here are ideal to surprise the witness, even if nothing is hidden and if there is no artifice to make faking, it is almost impossible to understand for a not initiated person. The siteswap will help us to understand the sequence of the throws. I recommend you to start with simple illusions.
All the tricks presented below are based on the sequence siteswap 423:

- 423: one ball launched in column (4)
another ball held in the opposite hand (2)
the third ball which changes hand (3)

Some comments
4 2 3 4 2 3...
The 2 corresponds to the hand which does not launch during 2 times. One time for left hand, one time for right hand. Il will be enough for me to move my fixed ball during these 2 times (during the 3 and 4 with the other hand) to transform the trick completely.
 Alternate Fake  It is enough that I follow with the fixed ball, the opposite ball and I obtain a trick which seems not to have any link with the preceding one.
Fake Mess Same as the preceding one but the fixed ball is this time crossed under the other arm (magic not?).
Another approach: it is like a "stopped" mills' mess with no throw under the arm.
Alternate YOYO You can alternate the traditional YOYO on the right then on the left.
This trick is very close to Burkes Barrage
Burkes Barrage Here, you turn around the rising balls (note that the 2 balls are not launched in column)
Burkes Barrage
(another version)
By moving the fixed ball under the rising ball (and not over it), you obtain a different effect than with the traditional Burkes.
 Good work!!!

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