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Some juggling tricks

(animations made with the excellent software JuggleAnim of Jack Boyce)

Some comments
Cascade 3 balles 3 balls
3333...... Basic trick of juggling, 1st stage to have to enter the universe of juggling.
To learn how this trick to click  HERE
3 balls
515151..... Often tested wrongly by the beginners like 1st trick, it is definitely more difficult than the cascade
Columns (0,4)(4,4)..... Here the balls do not circulate, they remain on the same position and are launched vertically
Columns (4,4)(0,4x)
an alternative...
Columns (4,4)(0,4x)
(4,4) (4,0)
another alternative...
3 balls
333333...... If this trick is filmed and that one views with back, we find the traditional cascade exactly
4 balls 
444444...... It's poetic, the odd tricks name " cascades " the even tricks " fountains "; to note that in the cascades the balls cross, in the fountains not...
Snake 50505..... Its name is " snake " because the 3 balls are followed in zigzag. Its notation shows that it is a part of cascade with 5 balls (55555) the 0 indicating missing balls
Mills' Mess 33333.... Invented by the famous juggler Steve Mills, this trick is one of prettiest to look at, in particular when it is carried out with a negotiable instrument of vagueness. It forms part of a whole of tricks where one crosses the bras.To learn Mills' Mess click HERE.
Boston Mess 33333.... Also called " pistons ", Boston is an alternative of Mills' Mess
Box (2x,4)(4,2x) Belongs to the family of the " square juggling ", it is also a synchronous trick (the 2 hands launch at the same time)
Robot 2334.... Also called " machine ", it points out the mechanical operation of an automat. It is also " public garden juggling " 
Carry  33333..... A little equivalent to the preceding one but request a more constant rate/rhythm.
5 balls

55555.... An important stage for all the jugglers of a number; the pluspart will remain about it there, some will be tested with the 7 balls but very little will go beyond.
5 balls
55555.... More impressive that the cascade with 5 in the air, it is however easier to hold

JugleAnim is a software (based on applets java) of generation and animation of juggling tricks, written by  Jack Boyce which is a researcher in physics of the university of Berkeley, impassioned juggling.

SiteSwap is a mathematical notation making it possible to codify any trick, it is based over the duration of flight expressed in time, thus a throw of 3 will last 3 times, 1 time being the minimal duration between 2 throws. Generators and viewers of tricks give many possibily to invent new tricks.

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